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Why We Chose Plural

We are never alone, even when we are alone. Our consciousness is with us all the time. Our values and beliefs, our guiding principles, our virtues, our memories, our experiences, our deeds, the blessings of our elders and the love of our dear ones is with us transcending time and space. We are always plural
  • Plural is a community.
  • Plural Is sharing.
  • Plural is caring for one another.
  • Plural is love
  • Plural is pure Plural is special.
  • Plural is YOU
  • Plural Is Us
  • Because we are never alone.
  • Because goodness should always be shared.
Plural the beverage company brings to you the best quality premium awesomeness that can be ordered online at your convenience, prepared quickly and consumed at a place of your choice with your loved ones.

Founder’s Story

Plural is the labor of love of two super moms who wanted convenience and the guarantee of quality. The idea was at the back of their minds for many years, lockdown gave them the time and space to bring this idea to life. We Indians love to entertain our guests. What if we could give our guests a choice of the best quality beverages? What is this choice also brings convenience for the hosts? In short, this is the story of Plural. The combination of choice, convenience and great quality.
The Beverage Company

Plural's Assurance

The Beverage Company

A coffee is a coffee, right? NOOO. We all have our special addas for coffee and a special concoction made in a particular way. Same for our tea. Same for our other favorite beverages. Plural is our attempt to bring to our customers the highest quality beverages which can be ordered, prepared and consumed at their convenience. We do realise, with humility, that while we will never be able to prepare the prefect beverage that you can make yourself. But we also promise that we will never stop trying!!
A well-researched recipes, relished all over the world, is created to amuse each and every one of you. Each and every ingredients are selected from best of world eminence, ensure you get the world class quality from ‘Plural’. Our simple rule to offer you all natural ingredients for nutrition rich creation for the Society at large.

Masala tea/ Almond saffron Milk

Share warmth with your Family and Friends by serving Plural Masala tea/ Almond saffron Milk

Add a gist of being together with your loved ones this monsoon. Serve Masala Tea/ and Almond saffron Milk without missing your tête-à-tête due to frequent shuttling to the kitchen. Convenience of making beverages by Plural