Instant Premix beverages are drinks that are available in the form of powders, paste, granules which contain fruit powders/ starches/ vitamins/ minerals/ flavouring agents. Thus by merely mixing it with water or milk, one can enjoy the beverages instantly.

What are the benefits? These instant beverages are convenient, hygienic n tasty.

Our current range has 4 segments:
A) Instant Tea- Masala Tea
B) Instant Coffees- Hazelnut Coffee & Moccachino
C) Instant drinks- Nimbu Pani, Coconut water, Almond Saffron Masala Milk and Thandai
D) Instant soup- Brocolli Almond

Each of our product has individually sealed sachets that needs to be added to 150 ml or 200 ml water. (depending on the product.) One can consume full/ half sachets desired by sealing and keeping the remaining quantity.

Except our Thandai n coconut water( contains cane sugar), the rest do not have added sugars or alternatives.

Absolutely! It is safe at all levels. Additionally, when the kids can make and serve themselves, the hygiene levels also stay uncompromising.

Since we don’t add sugar to most products, one can consume them normally. To be extra safe, we suggest you speak to your consulting doctor/ dietician.

No. Only water ( hot/ cold per preference) is mandatory. Water can be replaced by milk in a certain variants ( thandai, moccachino, almond saffron milk) . More of a preference.

Yes, Plural Beverages is FSSAI certified. Nutritional values are written on every product box. Additionally, with technology advancements, the products have a shelf life of 1 year with no preservatives.

Making Plural beverages is literally a child’s play! Just read the instructions printed on each sachet n go ahead. It is as simple as- cut the sachet into a glass/ mug, pour water and stir & enjoy! Make it in any sequence- powder first/ water first the end result is – a simply a superb beverage.

Oh yes! Simply cut the sachet, add 2 spoons of water to dissolve the powder n add chilled soda & enjoy a the refreshing taste.

No. It simply has the right blend of ingredients that are cool for the body- Milk powder, sugar, nutmeg, khus khus( Poppy seeds), black pepper, spices and condiments. Truly our best seller.

All the ingredients are mentioned on the boxes. We suggest you read the ingredients carefully before consuming to avoid triggering allergies.

Yes. We do customized hampers and corporate gifting. And yes, we can also ship directly on your behalf to surprise your loved ones.