Welcome To Plural

Plural brings to you the best quality premium awesomeness, with range of premix beverages.

It can be ordered Online and  conveniently prepared, by just cut, pour,  stir and enjoy.

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About us

Welcome to Plural

Plural is the labor of love of two super moms- Vaishali and Deepika who desired convenience and the guarantee of quality. The idea was at the back of their minds for many years, lockdown gave them the time and space to bring it to life. We Indians love to entertain our guests. What if we could give our guests a wide choice of the best quality beverages? What if this choice did not bring inconvenience for the hosts? In short, this is the story of Plural. The combination of choice, convenience and great quality.

About the founders

Vaishali Founder

Vaishali Sukthankar

Vaishali is the driving force behind the concept of quality and importantly the convenience, that Plural Beverages offers! After all, being a full time mommy to a 7 year old doesn't leave too much time in hand! That's the story behind Plural Beverages. She holds an MBA finance degree and has had many years of experience before she took a sabbatical. Vaishali is extremely passionate about painting, travelling & gardening. After all, if convenience can give us back time to pursue our hobbies, why not?

Deepika Founder


Deepika is instrumental in formulating the base structure of Plural Beverages. Being a full time mommy to 2 children, she shared the vision of quality n convinience. Thus began the Plural journey. She is a Science Graduate, who when time permits loves to socialize and experiment with food. So, in times to come, be ready for newer launches keeping quality and convinience as a priority!

what we offer

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We have curated our offerings after searching far and wide to bring only the best beverages for you. We will also keep adding more categories and more options under each category in due course of time.
Coffee Cups

Plural's Promise

A coffee is a coffee, right? NOOO. We all have our special addas for coffee and a special concoction made in a particular way. Same for our tea. Same for our other favorite beverages. Plural is our attempt to bring to you the highest quality beverages which can be ordered, prepared and consumed at their convenience.

We do realise, with humility, that we will never be able to prepare the prefect beverage that you can make yourself. But we also promise that we will never stop trying!!

We work tirelessly with our partners to bring the best quality beverages for you and we will never rest in our quest to keep surprising you with newer and better beverages. We would love it if you are spoilt for choice!!


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