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Masala Tea

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Where is my Chai?

We need our daily fix, but we are not home every day to enjoy our special tea.
Plural Beverages Masala Tea is made with the finest Ingredients and can be prepared quickly.
Now no need to suffer, the Machine tea at office or the unverifiable quality of Ingredients, at the roadside tea vendors.

Net Weight: 6 Sachets of 15 g = 90 g. Each sachet can make 150 ml cup of tea.

No Added Sugar.

Plural Beverages Masala Tea


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Additional information
Weight 90 g
Dimensions 77 × 65 × 130 mm
GS1/EAN Code


Product Class

Instant Tea Premix in Powdered Form.


Milk Powder, Maltodextrin, black tea extract, grounded spices

Nutritional Information:

Per 100g(approx. Values) Energy 459.43 kcal, Fat 17.31g, Protein 5.44g, Carbohydrates 70.47g, of Which Sugar 0g.

Instructions To Make

Cut and Empty Sachet in a Cup, Add 150 ml Hot Water or Milk, Stir Thoroughly and Enjoy your Tea.

Sugar Content:

No Added Sugar

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  1. Chaitrali

    Very good! Full justice to the ‘masala tea’ feel 🙂

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